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American Express Gift Cards

American Express Gift Card Promotional CodeFor more than 150 years trust, integrity, security, quality and customer service have been the hallmarks of American Express. Starting as an express delivery service that forwarded freight and valuables, American Express evolved into a company that created and sold financial products like money orders, travelers cheques and, of course, The American Express Card.

American Express issued its first charge card in 1958. Within five years, more than 1 million cards were in use at approximately 85,000 establishments within and outside the United States. Soon, the company added programs that made it possible for cardmembers to extend payment on large travel expenditures, and launched additional products, such as the Gold Card, a standard of achievement all over the world.

Now with American Express Gift Cards, you can reward employees, thank customers, and celebrate special occasions for your loved ones with the card that is accepted at the finest establishments everywhere.

Business Gift Cards

Have your employees been working late nights on extra projects? Showing added initiative? Let them know they're appreciated for all that they do. Give an American Express Business Gift Card. They can be used virtually anywhere American Express Cards are welcomed. Available in values ranging from $25 to $3000, they're the perfect gift or incentive. Safer than cash, the American Express Gift card is refundable if lost or stolen, and with nationwide acceptance it's perfect for business travelers. It's an easy and convenient way to show your appreciation to employees, colleagues and clients alike. Choose from special themes such as business excellence, achievement, thanks a million, congratulations, and more.

Personal Gift Cards - No Lost Value

American Express offers Gift Cards for all occasions. Let your family or friends choose a gift they really want, wherever American Express is accepted. Protect those you care about most. Card balances are refundable if lost or stolen. And now American Express has eliminated monthly fees so there's no lost value, even on cards already purchased. Choose from dozens of themes with standard messages or make your gift unique with a personalized gift card. Your friends and loved ones can save when they use their Gift Card at participating merchants too.

Purchase Conveniently Online

You can purchase your American Express Gift Cards online today with our promotional offers. Just click on an offer at the top of the page and select from the huge variety of card available.

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