A First Aid Kit For Your Dog

first_aidIf you have children in your household, or even if not, you probably keep a variety of first aid supplies on hand – bandages, salves, etc. Yet, oddly, many dog owners haven’t given much thought to what they might need to provide first aid to their beloved pet.

If the need arises, it helps to be prepared ahead of time and to have a few basic supplies at the ready. Not surprisingly, many of the emergencies that a dog might face are similar to those of their humans. Some of the supplies you might need may already be in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit, such as hydrogen peroxide or other antiseptic for cleaning wounds, sterile gauze rolls or pads, cotton squares, round-tip scissors, tweezers, etc. Depending on the size of your dog, regular bandage tape may work, or you might check out the elastic pet wrap tape available at online pet supply stores like PETCO.com. You’ll also want some antibiotic or healing salve, topical antihistamine for wasp or bee stings, and eye wash of some sort. In case of an injury involving bleeding, in addition to gauze and steri-pads, there are some excellent topical clotting products available as well. Many of these items are produced in special formulations for dogs that make them easier to apply when needed.

An instant pet thermometer is one of the handiest items, allowing you to check temperature with a quick dip into your pet’s ear. Also, syringes for dispensing both liquid medications and pills when needed are helpful.

One of the most essential items to have on hand is an old, clean blanket for wrapping up a dog that is in shock.

Keep in mind that your dong may be frightened if injured, and may be more likely to struggle or even bite. It might be a good idea to keep a muzzle in your doggie first aid kit in case of this eventuality.

Obviously, your veterinarian or pet emergency center (if there’s one in your area) are the best resources for treatment and advice if your dog gets into trouble. Keep their phone numbers with your kit, or somewhere you can find them quickly in an emergency. It’s also a good idea to learn the basics of first aid for your pet. PETCO offers courses in pet first aid online at reasonable prices – and 9 of 10 pet owners who have taken their course would recommend it to others.

A little preparation ahead of time can help you and your pet get through an emergency more successfully, and might even save your dog’s life. Taking time to gather the items and gain the knowledge and skills to handle a crisis is an important investment in the health and happiness of your dog.

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