Adobe Creative Suite 5 Coming Soon

adobe-creative-suite-5-coming-soonIf you’re a graphic, multimedia or web design pro, you’re likely already anticipating the fifth major release of Adobe’s Creative Suite, CS5. The company has announced their global CS5 launch event to take place April 12th. According to reports around the Web, Creative Suite 5 will significantly streamline work for creative professionals, reducing what is now hours upon hours of work to¬† only a few seconds.

In a video released by Photoshop product manager Bryan O’Neil-Hughes, we see one of the most stunning and powerful features of the new software. Adobe calls it “content aware fill.” In the demo, O’Neil Hughes removes trees and litter from one scene, removes an entire road from a desert scene, and takes an image with whole sections missing and fills them in automatically. The results are nothing less than amazing, and all the more so since they were all achieved in less than five minutes.

The software suite will take advantage of advances in technology since the last release, including CUDA architecture in the newer NVIDIA graphics processing units. The Mac version will be built on Apple’s 64-bit Cocoa framework, purported to open high resolution images ten times as fast as the current version.

CS5 also adds features such as “Web Review” (so users without CS5 can review work being done by designers) and “Mini Bridge” (a way to inspect files for editing without leaving the current application).

More complete integration for better workflow between products in the Suite, particularly within the Flash platform, is also expected in Creative Suite 5. It’s also rumored to play nice with exports for HTML5, and updates to Adobe Device Control will allow developers and designers to easily test content for compatibility with multiple devices, including set-top boxes.

More information on CS5 is available on the official launch countdown site.

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