Angie's List Promotes Consumer Protection

You already no doubt have heard of Angie’s List. You may have even used the site yourself to find local contractors for work on your home, or to find deals and read reviews on businesses in hundreds of categories on the list, from air duct cleaning to piano tuning to thoracic surgery to house sitting. Members submit over 40,000 reviews each month, and Angie’s List also offers a complaint resolution service – doing their best to help customers find qualified, competent, honest service providers. Now the company is doing even more to promote the well being of consumers by advocating more consistent trade licensing and enforcement across the nation.

Last week, Angie’s List asked state lawmakers throughout the U.S. to enact more uniform and understandable trade licensing laws, and to set up consumer protection funds (paid for with licensing fees) so that a homeowner can recover the money lost if they are bilked by a licensed contractor.

Angie herself has also gotten involved in the issue, announcing that she will personally contact the nation’s governors advocating for better trade licensing laws. Company founder Angie Hicks states that most trade licensing is currently too complicated and offers too little enforcement or protection.

In addition to their call for better licensing practices, Angie’s List will be strengthening their own policies about trade licensing claims made on the site. In the past, the company has relied on contractors to list their own trade license status and members were expected to verify that status on their own. Now the firm will begin auditing contractors to verify that they are following the law. Those found to be out of compliance will be offered the opportunity to come into compliance before facing actions from Angie’s List to alert members of their true status.

You can read more in the press release from Angie’s List about contractor licensing laws.

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