Angie's List Useful In Picking Medical Providers

When looking for a doctor or other medical provider, most people have traditionally depended on referrals, advice from friends or family members, telephone book listings, or perhaps directories provided by their insurance company, but over recent years the search has become more similar to finding a restaurant or shopping for a new refrigerator. More and more, people are turning to the Web for information on potential care providers.There are now dozens of sites with information and reviews of hundreds of thousands of doctors and other medical providers online. Insurance plans routinely offer listings of their affiliated providers. Top consumer ratings sites such as Angie’s List are also now involved in the effort of providing information, ratings and reviews.

Some medical (and even consumer groups) warn against using online ratings as the sole source of information when choosing a practitioner. Particularly sites which allow anonymous comments are considered suspect, or at the very least less than useful.

At Angie’s List, however, anonymous comments and reports are not allowed, though health care privacy laws require that a reporting member’s identity will only be available to Angie’s List and to the provider being reported on. They also encourage all providers to review and respond to their reports.

Angie’s List began accepting ratings for health care providers because members had requested for many years to be able to receive and to provide the same kind of perspective on health care providers as those in other fields. Their FAQ response on the matter states a belief that members and health care providers can benefit from sharing this feedback. The site also stresses that members should not rely on Angie’s List ratings as their only resource of health care information. They also provide a list of resources to help members further research issues and become better-informed in making health care decisions.

Online resources can be a good starting point, and add additional perspective, to decisions relating to the choosing of health care providers.

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