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Wedding Postcard

The tradition of the wedding guestbook is one we all know. Guests wait in long lines merely to sign in, or perhaps to leave a hastily devised message. There’s a new trend being suggested by wedding planners and organizers around the country that can add a little fun and personality to the process: wedding postcards.

Not to be confused with date savers, these are pre-addressed and stamped postcards made available at the wedding and reception for guests to mail their best wishes after the event. They might be vintage cards or reproductions depicting places that are significant to the bride and groom, or they may even be custom cards created especially for the occasion at a site like

Imagine returning home from the honeymoon to find hundreds of messages of love and goodwill pouring out of the mailbox. The happy couple might even continue to receive hope filled missives for days or weeks, along with reminders of the great time everyone had at their reception.

These guest postcards will likely be the first mail that a couple receives as man and wife. Guests can fill out their own message at their leisure, and then simply drop them in the mail the next morning or thereafter.

Zazzle makes it easy to create a custom card, with a picture and text of one’s own choosing. They have dozens of templates available, so you simply pick one that’s attractive to you, upload your own image file, crop it, and enter whatever text you desire. In fact, it’s so easy that the image above in this post was created in about 2 minutes at Zazzle using their Raspberry Vintage Floral template.

Although the guest book won’t go away entirely any time soon, many couples are ditching it for the new tradition of wedding postcards. Or, why not have it both ways, with both a guest book and the cards?

You can also create custom date savers and more for your wedding or other celebration at Zazzle.

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