Don’t Dye This Halloween

During the run up to Halloween, many people might be considering dyeing their hair as a finishing touch (or perhaps even a necessary component) for their costume. We’ve seen articles on the web about using rinses, shampoos, gels, sprays, foams, even Kool Aid – that’s right Kool Aid – to temporarily dye hair.

If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair for the occasion, we applaud your commitment to the role, but here are some reasons you might want to consider shelving those “temporary” hair color products and saving the Kool Aid for a Halloween punch.

It’s messy. In addition to staining your hands and forehead, you can ruin towels and clothing, even with the milder products. Even the spray on variety made especially for stage or costume use can be incredibly messy, both to apply and to remove. Some guides even suggest applying a layer of petroleum jelly around the hair line before beginning. Sorry, we’ll stick to grape jelly with our Kool Aid, thank you.

It’s hard to get the color right. Dye time varies from product to product and from head to head. Even people with the same or similar hair color to start may experience different dye times based on other hair characteristics. Folks who routinely dye their hair sometimes experiment quite a bit before they find the correct product and application regimen. You’ve little time left before Halloween for the trial and error required to get it right. Not only that, but if your hair is naturally dark, you’ll have limited choices when it comes to colors that will “take.”

A bad dye job, even with temporary products, won’t add much to the festivities. Remember too that those temporary products take awhile to wash out, and you might want to think about how you’ll look going in to work Monday morning with blue or pink or purple hair. Do you really want to look that exotic after Halloween?

It’s expensive. A box of hair dye costs the same or more for one use than a really killer costume wig or hat that you can use on multiple occasions. Especially for children, who may want to play dress up in their costume for more than just Halloween night, you get more bang for your hard-earned buck when you drop the dye in exchange for a cool wig or hat.

You’ll find that a well matched wig or hat will give you that dramatic change from your current hair style that is a knock-out finishing touch to your costume with a lot less trouble and mess than the dyes. Check out the incredible variety they offer at and save 15% on your purchase with our BuyCostumes Coupon. Just click on the image below to get started.

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Don’t curl up and dye this year. Get on out there and flip your wig!

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