eHarmony Says "Don't Be A Creep!"

bugsyThere’s one in every crowd. You know him. That guy who’s always pushing just a little too hard, or moving just a little too quickly, or getting just a little too close for comfort. Trouble is, everyone seems to recognize it but him.

eHarmony has put together a list of some typical creepy behavior that some men may not be aware of to help them steer clear of “the creep zone.” Here’s a quick summary of their main points.

1) Don’t mention anything overtly sexual early on. eHarmony points out that a man who mentions sex at any point during the first 10 conversations is likely to be considered a creep by most women. Whether or not sex is your only agenda, it will appear to be so if you bring up the subject before you know each other really well.

2) Confident guys send a message and wait for an answer. Creeps aggressively or obsessively continue to make contact. Over and over. And over. Don’t do it.

3) Read her lips – along with her other facial expressions, body language, etc. If a woman isn’t making eye contact with you, then staring her down is a bad idea. Your persistence and sheer animal magnetism won’t cause her to meet your gaze and fall under your spell. It will, however, set off every creep alarm in her being.

4) Don’t be (too) weird. According to eHarmony staff, “Most women are looking for a relationship with someone they perceive to be normal – perhaps a little quirky, but not odd or strange.” Your prized collection of baseball cards or antique razor strops probably fall within the mainstream of typical male hobbies. Unless you are an occularist, however, museum cases filled with prosthetic eyeballs probably do not. Maybe best not to make them a major topic of conversation until you know each other better. You may be perfectly normal, but you’re likely to seem less than so if your pastimes and hobbies are too far out on the fringe.

5) Measure out two feet. Study that distance. Learn it, know it, and stay that far away from her. Seriously. Invasion of personal space without an invitation is a serious breach of etiquette, whether on a date or not. Keep a safe distance until she gives you a sign that she wants you closer.

You can read the full article on avoiding creepy behavior at eHarmony’s advice center.

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By the way, that guy up at the top? Bugsy. Looks creepy, doesn’t he?

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