eHarmony Uses Science To Make Successful Matches

It all began when clinical psychologist Neil Warren became frustrated with the fact that he could do little to help many of the couples that came to him for counseling. In too many cases, he perceived that a fundamental clash of personalities destined couples to years of unhappiness. If only he could have been around to prevent a marriage that likely shouldn’t have happened in the first place. So he set out to do just that, by providing a matching service driven by in depth scientific assessment of personality traits. His idea is now a a multi-million dollar concern with more than 20 million people registered in four countries, and a spin off site geared especially for gay singles as well.

According to eHarmony, on average 236 of its successful matches result in marriage every day in the United States alone. That’s nearly 2% of all the marriages made nationwide.

In a recent interview coinciding with the company’s launch of a new promotional effort  in the UK, eHarmony’s chief executive, Greg Waldorf, noted that their research team includes the UCLA Marriage Lab and six PhDs. In studying successful couples with long term relationships, they determined that over time the superficial attractions that first bring many couples together aren’t a good basis for the long haul. “It doesn’t matter that you both love tennis or skiing,” Waldorf says. “What’s important is that you have the same attitudes to family and finances.”

New registrants to the site are required to complete a lengthy survey, 250 questions in all, to help in preparing a personality profile that will be the basis for potential matches made by the company, using a patented algorithm. In fact, eHarmony’s Compatibility Matching System® has helped the site become the Internet’s most trusted relationship services provider.

If you’ve been considering using eHarmony to help you find a compatible match, the eHarmony promotional code on our site will save you 25%. When you sign up for a three month subscription, you’ll receive an additional month of service for free. Why pursue a mate through trial and error? As Dr. Warren says “opposites attract, but then they attack.” With eHarmony, you can put science on your side in your search for a successful relationship.

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