Keep Your Pets Safe With Frontline Plus

In addition to the discomfort and scratching that can be caused by fleas, they can also bring with them a wide range of diseases that drain your pet’s energy, cause sores and otherwise affect their health. And of course Ticks can transmit diseases that pose an immediate threat to your pet’s life. Though Lyme disease and other ailments can often be treated effectively if diagnosed early enough, isn’t it worth protecting your pet from the pests that can cause discomfort and illness before they have a chance to infest?

FRONTLINE Plus can help. FRONTLINE Plus kills fleas and ticks already on your dog or cat and also prevents re-infestation as well.

FRONTLINE Plus has been proven to kill 100% of fleas within 12 hours of application and it continues to provide fast-acting, long-lasting flea and tick control. When you apply FRONTLINE its active ingredient is stored in the oil glands under your pet’s skin. It then is continuously redistributed to the skin and fur of your pet through the hair follicles. It offers continuous protection for an entire month, even after baths, grooming or swimming.

FRONTLINE Plus has been approved for use on puppies and kittens at least 8 months old, and it’s also okay for breeding, pregnant or nursing pets.

More information about FRONTLINE Plus is available on the official site.

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Frontline brand products are the number one veterinarian recommended solution for flea and tick control. Protect your pet, your home and your family from these silent invaders, and the discomfort and disease they can bring, and save 10% on your purchase with our special offer.

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