How To Hire The Right Handyman

With Summer of 2010 here, many people are knee-deep in home improvement projects, both large and small. In addition to specialized professionals such as plumbers and electricians, more and more home owners are turning to a handyman service to help with their projects. In fact, according to Angie’s List, their handyman category is consistently one of the most requested.

They recently published a list of points to consider when deciding whether a handyman can get the job done for you, and also when deciding which one to hire. Here’s a summary.

First of all, make detailed list of what you’d like to have done. When you review the list with the prospective firms you contact, it will help you determine whether or not it’s within their abilities and expertise. It’s a good idea to talk with several contractors about the job, get estimates on price and schedule, and check their references before making a decision to hire. Make sure that you understand local licensing requirements and take those into consideration so you can be sure you’re hiring qualified help for the project.

Prep as much as you can ahead of time. Even if you have no handy skills yourself, you can still do some preparation ahead of time, which will save you money if you’re paying by the hour. Move furniture and other objects out of the way in the workspace, etc. Be sure to walk through, list in hand, with the handyman at the start of the job so you can clear up any questions about the work and what you expect to be done.

You can read the full post on how to hire a handyman service on Angie’s Blog. And if you’re considering using Angie’s List to find qualified help, use our Angie’s List coupon to save 25% on your membership.

Good luck with your project!

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