Promotional Codes Stretch Your Dollars

Stretch Your Dollar With Promotional CodesA quick Web search just turned up nearly 10 million pages for the term “promotional codes” and over 32 million for the term “promo code.” Also called “coupon codes,” “key codes” and “discount codes” (among other things) manufacturers and merchants alike use promo codes as a way of attracting new customers and improving repeat business, especially during tough economic times. With all of the promotional codes out there, chances are there are any number of them that will help you save money on almost any purchase you make online. Here are a few tips for stretching your dollars with promo codes.

First of all, if you’re serious about taking advantage of the widest selection of promotional offers, it pays to do some basic research on sites that track or promote valid codes. Some sites simply report information on codes that are available from other sources or allow users to swap codes they have found, and some sites (such as ours) promote their own exclusive discount offers made available through relationships with merchants or manufacturers. It’s useful to get to know which sites consistently offer the best, most current and valid codes. Browse around until you find reliable sites focusing on items of interest to you and then bookmark them and visit often to take advantage of the latest deals. You might also want to sign up for email newsletters or subscribe to the RSS feeds from your favorite sites so that you don’t miss any of those hot new offers.

You’ll also want to do some comparison shopping when it comes time to buy. Take a few minutes to determine which deal will save you the most. Since some codes offer a percentage discount, some offer a dollar amount discount and some offer things like free shipping, you may need to do a little math to figure out which code is best for what you’re planning to purchase. Make sure you review information concerning expiration dates, conditions, exclusions, minimum purchase requirements, etc. when you do your comparison. A short time spent in comparing offers can make a big difference in the bottom line.

You should also be prepared to dig a little deeper for the deepest discount codes. In addition to monitoring your favorite coupon sites and merchants, look beyond the first page of results when you do searches for specific offers. Sometimes the biggest sites with top search rankings aren’t always the best deals. Again, a little research and comparison can really pay off.

When you find an exceptional bargain, why not share it with your family, friends and associates? Some of the very best discounts available are spread through word of mouth (or “word of mouse”) between folks who trust  and support each other. You might eventually develop your own personal savings code network. Of course, there’s also a lot of information exchanged on Internet forums dedicated to shopping and couponing, at least some of which is useful and reliable. They key is to find sources of good info and to share what you find yourself. A group of people working together to keep abreast of the latest offers will turn up killer deals that a single individual working alone might never uncover.

If you make a habit of looking for promotional codes and discounts whenever you shop, you’re sure to save big dollars over the course of the year. Happy hunting!

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