Chemistry? Yeah! Chemistry

Remember the scene from the Broadway musical Guys and Dolls where Sky and Sarah first meet? She sings about imagining her love as a solid, upstanding gentleman. She was obviously looking for compatibility. Sky, on the other hand, says he’ll leave it up to chemistry. Of course, both aspects end up playing a role in their eventual relationship.

That’s the idea behind, the popular sister site to was founded on the belief that meaningful relationships are built on the two equally important foundations of compatibility and chemistry. Other sites may help you find out if you’re compatible, but Chemistry’s site is designed to help you find both of these elements.

Chemistry’s Chief Scientific Advisor is Dr. Helen Fisher, a world-renowned biological anthropologist and author. She has spent the last three decades researching the science of human attraction, and that’s why Chemistry recruited her to develop their personality profile.

After completing the personality profile to determine what ignites your chemistry, they’ll offer you up to 5 potential matches per day, and also notify you when another member is interested in getting to know you. You can then get to know your matches through a step-by-step introduction process called “1-2-3 MEET” where you select the questions and control the pace. Then, when you’re both ready, Chemistry will help you set up your first date.

You’re in control of the process from the very beginning and every step along the way, only revealing photos or other personal information when you feel comfortable doing so.

Find that person you’re made to have lasting chemistry with at You’ll save 25% off your membership with our discount. Why not sign up today?

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