Squarespace Adds New Blog Importer

Squarespace has already achieved a great deal of recognition as a leading innovator in web publishing and content management. With the release yesterday of their new, feature rich importing tool, they’ve made it even simpler to move content over from another platform. Although Squarespace has provided a basic import tool from the beginning, the new system solves several problems that have been commonplace when moving content from one blogging platform to another.

First of all, if you’ve ever migrated a weblog you’ve probably experienced the hassle of moving images and other media from one server to another, and then having to manually edit all of the image URLs on the new site. The new Squarespace tool solves this problem by automatically crawling all of the meda from old posts, storing them safely on an Amazon S3 account and repairing the URLs, thus eliminating the need to maintain the old account, as well as the daunting (sometimes impossible) task of downloading years worth of media, uploading it all to a new host, and fixing post after post after post. As an added bonus, the imported media don’t count against the new Squarespace account’s bandwidth.

Secondly, the new tool mimics the URL structure of the old site, and maps every single one of the old posts automatically. This has far reaching implications for sites with custom domains. Links won’t break because of the move, Page Rank will update seamlessly, and all of the hard work done for search optimization purposes will come over to the new site unharmed.

Third, all of an existing site’s data will be imported, not just pages and posts. Comments, tags, authors, etc. will move from the old site to Squarespace.

Finally, the importer tool was built to work with sites on all of the major blogging platforms including Blogger, Typepad, WordPress and Movable Type.

You can read more about the new Squarespace blog importer here.

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