Squarespace Does It All

If you’re looking for reliable hosting, the ultimate in design and customization, powerful analytics and great advantages to get your website noticed, the Squarespace platform has everything you need. Here is just a quick summary of what they have to offer.

Reliable Hosting

All Squarespace sites are hosted on all of their web servers, not just a single server, so there’s no worry about a single server failing. A normal day for their server architecture sees tens of millions of hits, so if your site goes suddenly viral, you needn’t worry as you might with shared hosting elsewhere.

Squarespace’s data infrastructure relies on Peer1 Networks, for both connectivity and power sources. It’s a world class data center. Peer1 not only remained online during the NYC blackout a few years ago but they were actually able to lend their power to some neighbors in need.

Build Your Content

Pages and features in Squarespace are broken into blocks that you can snap together to build your site. For instance, building a photo gallery into your website is as easy as choosing the photo gallery module and adding it to your navigation. Add full drag and drop control and rapid on site editing, and you’ve got a single platform with infinite possibilities.

Enjoy A True Designer Look

Squarespace sites come with more than 60 style variants from professional brand name designers. Every style allows point and click control over every single element of the design. Templates contain a multitude of color and style variants, and each variant can be further refined and customized so your site will look completely unique. Since the style of the site is independent from the content you create, you can change styles without breaking anything. You can even design your own themes with a few clicks and see the changes in real time on your site. Top navigation variants, menus, columns on the page – arrange it all to your heart’s content.

Manage Your Site – Not The Software

At Squarespace, you’ll have complete and total control of every part of your site, at any time. You’ll also have all of the analytics you could possibly ever imagine, without third party tools or the need for analytics expertise. You’ll also never have to manage software updates, plug-ins, etc. Squarespace does all of that seamlessly and behind the scenes.

Squarespace Does It All

Squarespace is a completely managed website content, design and hosting system. They handle all of the details in setting up your site, so there’s no software to install and never anything to upgrade. Your site will weather the most massive barrages of traffic. They also use the latest in site optimization to ensure that your site is picked up by the search engines. When new features are deployed your site is always up to date automatically.

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