Top 5 Ride On Toys

Remember the thrill of your first wagon or trike? The fun of riding down the block or maybe being pulled over to the custard stand for something creamy and cold? Or maybe you were the type who loved to lug your toys around the yard or play construction zone with your little red wagon. Remember how much fun it was back in the days before video games and cheap toys that are really just marketing tie-ins for some corporate television series?

If you thought it was fun when you were a kid, wait until you experience the fun of watching your own children as they enjoy classic riding toys of the highest craftsmanship and value. Take a look at these top 5 ride on toys, and see if they don’t bring back some memories.

Little Red WagonClassic Little Red Wagon

This is THE classic little red wagon from Radio Flyer that has earned a place in the prestigious Toy Hall of Fame from Parents Magazine. It features a full-sized steel seamless body with no-scratch edges, a no-pinch ball joint to keep fingers safe, durable steel wheels and real rubber tires that make for a smooth and quiet ride and a controlled turning radius to make it safe and comfortable for children to ride in. Your little one will love carting around toy friends and helping out around the household with a little red wagon in tow.

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Radio Flyer Little Red ScooterRadio Flyer Little Red Scooter

The award-winning Radio Flyer Little Red Scooter is crafted in sturdy steel with a sleek design featuring classic red painted finish, a wood platform with grip tread, high-performance molded wheels, a ringing bell, and adjustable handlebars for growing riders. The little red scooter is perfect for promoting balance, physical skills, and active fun. Designed for safety and durability, it’s the perfect choice for your youngster. The Double rear wheels offer extra stability. Also available in pink.

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Classic Wood Row CartClassic Wood Row Cart

This classic wooden row cart is a replica of the original “Irish Mail” row cart from 1930. Children use a push-pull motion to propel either forward or backwards as they steer with their feet. Rubber tread tires ensure a smooth ride. This classic riding toy strengthens critical motor skills while also building stamina and coordination. It’s the perfect combination of practicality, nostalgia and fun.

Classic Wood Row Cart Sorry, Currently Unavailable

John Deere Steel WagonJohn Deere 36″ Wagon

Okay. So not everybody loves red. If your family bleeds John Deere green, then this is the wagon for you. This beautiful 36″ wagon is constructed of heavy-duty rust-resistant steel and it rides on steel wheels with rubber tires. Add those distinctive John Deere graphics, a wide wheelbase for increased stability, plus an easy-to-grab handle to make steering a breeze and you’ve got the ultimate wagon. It’s perfect for imaginative play and projects all around the house and yard.

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Kiddi-O Air Trike with CanopyKiddi-O Air TIre Junior Trike

In addition to the classics above, we wanted to highlight an innovative new ride-on toy as well. The colorful Kiddi-O Air Tire Trike features a removable push bar for customization, a lockable rear-wheel that allows easy adult steering, and air tires for a smooth ride. It’s a smart combination of part trike/part stroller, with quality design and construction. Stroll or pedal in style!

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