UC Radio Serves Up Music and Savings

UC Radio AlbumartIt’s another of our occasional posts to introduce you to some of the incredible independent producers who bring you great entertainment and information on the MEVIO Network. This time around we turn our attention to the man who is single-handedly bringing back pirate radio, creator of UC Radio and Sonic Wallpaper, the incomparable Mike Yusi.

For more than four years now, Mike has been bringing his unique personality and his nose for the best new music to earbuds around the world. A native of Los Angeles, and a self described “survivor of the Hollywood Rock Scene” of the 1980s and 90s, he’s spun thousands of songs from incredibly talented and creative unsigned and Indie artists on UC Radio, giving them exposure to a brand new audience. His listeners not only hear the latest and best from the Indie scene, but also reviews of some great old albums that everyone should know, but that might have escaped notice. It’s all presented with Mike’s one of a kind style, which incorporates his passion for music, a wry sense of humor, an iconoclastic streak and a sincere commitment to his listeners.

In addition to his own productions, you may have heard Mike as co-host (with creator Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff) of “the most offensively enlightened podcast on the planet” – Pacific Coast Hellway. He’s also worked extensively with others in the new media field, writing, performing and generally lending a helping hand (or voice) whenever asked. Anyone who knows Mike will tout his generous nature and good spirit. Besides donating proceeds from UC Radio show swag to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society, Mike is always one of the first to promote other opportunities to help others, including most recently the crisis in Haiti.

Mike has been affiliated with the MEVIO Network since July, 2005, offering savings to his listeners from a diverse array of sponsors, including Nurtisystem, GoDaddy, Eastbay, Angie’s List, IX Webhosting, Petco, and 1800 Pet Meds. Mike told us “I can’t say enough about the sponsors and what they mean to my shows. And the great thing is that Mevio has allowed me to go with sponsors that I myself use, and really believe in, so it’s easy to promote their products.”

UC Radio - Pirate Radio RebornMike’s flagship show, UC Radio, is a mix of rockin’ new tunes, classic album reviews (Mike calls them “referrals”), and a humorous look at society, politics, the music industry, our culture and our times. You’ll also hear anecdotes and reminiscences from Mike’s own life, the occasional poem (usually made up on the spot), stories about his sunbathing dog, and now and again, Mike puts out a  “UC Radio Late Night Classics”, recording the show late at night, usually with the lights off, and a few cocktails under his belt. Think seedy Hollywood, red leather booth lounge as the backdrop.

Mike describes UC Radio as his tribute to the pirate radio community of California in the 70s and 80s that he grew up listening to, and likes to brag that it is “banned in China for indecent and immoral content.”

Wait a minute, Mike. Is it really?

“Yes, it really is!”

Mike’s unwavering dedication to sharing great music, and his ear for the best unheard bands out there are a winning combination, offering listeners an exceptional sonic experience week after week, and providing artists a venue for getting their work out to new fans around the world.

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