Voice Capabilities Coming To eHarmony and Match.com

match_eharmonyMatches on dating sites are used to communicating with text chats or private messaging before meeting face to face. Now members at both Match.com and eHarmony will be able to experience voice chats in real time, while maintaining the privacy of their real contact information. Voice Over IP startup company Jajah has just inked deals with the popular dating sites to provide semi-anonymous voice chat. The new features are part of Jajah’s Platform for Dating, which is also currently being tested on a number of other unnamed sites.

The Jajah widget allows users to speak with a prospective match though an online voice call, without having to divulge their true identity or personal information. When two members are on each other’s contact list on the site, Jajah gives each a local Secure Phone Number for the other person. When they call each other, the Secure Phone Number shows up in caller ID rather than the actual phone number, and if the two cease to be on each other’s list, for whatever reason, the Secure Phone Number will no longer operate and calls will be blocked. There is also a Web activated version, with “call me” buttons on the potential matches’ profiles. Once clicked, a phone call will be triggered between the two members’ registered phones. Caller ID will display “private number” so each person’s actual phone number will never be exposed. Again, the button disappears if the two cease to be contacts.

Although Match.com previously offered voice chat, it hasn’t been available since late 2008 when their VoIP service provider, Jangl, went out of business. This is the first implementation of voice chat capabilities on eHarmony.

Jajah CEO Trevor Healy explained on their site that by removing privacy concerns “the Jajah platform is giving more people the chance to find true love sooner. This breakthrough brings huge value to the dating site owners.”

Voice chat will reportedly be a premium feature on both eHarmony and Match.com, with a cost of around $5 per month.

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