When Good Promo Codes Go Bad

Bad BoyWe’ve all had the frustration of finding out about a great promo code offer for a product we want, only to learn that the code doesn’t really work when we try to use it. Maybe it was from an outdated source and had expired. Or maybe there were strings attached and nobody mentioned them. Or maybe it simply wasn’t a valid code in the first place, and some unscrupulous person promoted it just to get you to their site. Whatever the reason, we learn after awhile to be aware of the warning signs and be on the lookout for bad codes.

But what about the good promo codes that ought to be valid and are from a reliable source but they don’t seem to work when you go to use them? Here are some of the reasons that a bonafide valid promo code might not work.

1) It’s a private offer. These are meant to be used only once and by a particular customer. Sometimes merchants send these out by email to those on their permissions lists. They may be set up to only work when that individual customer is logged on to their site. If you got it as an email forward from someone, even your spouse or another household member, it might not work for you. It’s a valid code or coupon, but only for the original recipient.

2) It’s a restricted offer. Some coupons or codes will contain exclusions of certain items. Often, these are items that are already discounted in some way, or particular product lines or brands. Or maybe the code only applies to purchases of a certain dollar amount. It’s important to read the fine print to make sure you understand the restrictions on a code before you try to use it. Look for expiration dates too while you’re at it.

3) You’re being greedy. Just kidding. We all want to get every discount we can, right? But many offers can’t be used in combination with other discounts or coupons. If you have multiple valid promo codes available for a particular purchase, you’ll probably have to pick which one is going to save you the most and stick with it.

4) You took a wrong turn somewhere. Maybe you have a valid code, but you’re trying to use it at the wrong site. Not that you’re prone to confusion or anything. Just sayin’…

5) Transposing: good for singers, not so much for promo codes. Keyboards and memory being what they are, I’ve sometimes transposed two characters in a code (or remembered it incorrectly) when trying to enter it. It happens. Best to either copy and paste the code when you can, write the code down carefully, or refer to teh source where you received the promo code when you’re ready to enter it.  And yes, that “teh” in the previous sentence was intentionally transposed. It’s called iorny.

So in addition to finding valid promo codes from credible sources, take a little time to understand what’s being offered and whether there are restrictions, and also be precise as you apply your codes and they’ll never break bad on you. Okay, maybe a little rowdy, but hey, codes will be codes.

By the way, you’ll find that all of the promo codes and clickable coupons here on MEVIOCoupons.com are always valid, public and sharable. We also go out of our way to let you know right up front about any restrictions, and you’ll always see codes and links prominently displayed for your reference. We don’t like to brag, but we’re pretty proud of all that.

So keep your codes on the sunny side, and if you’ve got tips or tricks to share, feel free to leave a comment.

Happy promo code hunting!

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