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Meet Other Catholic Singles at logo is a clean, safe and fun Catholic dating service. Whether you're looking for friendship, dating or even marriage, there are thousands of Catholic singles online at CatholicMingle who share your beliefs and values. You can meet new like-minded people, share in religious discussions and more in a safe, comfortable online environment.

Since 2001 Catholic Mingle has provided a secure and reliable place for Catholic Singles to meet on the Web. You can interact with others through message boards and chat rooms, or use on-site email and instant messaging to connect with a particular member. Take advantage of features like the free personal profile, free Bible search, free personal photo album, free personality profile and more.

Free membership available June of 2017.

A Safe and Clean Community

At CatholicMingle, their customer service team works hard to keep the site clean and safe for members. All photos and profiles are reviewed before they are published, and message boards and chat rooms are monitored to block posts that contain questionable language. Security is a priority too, with correspondence between members remaining entirely anonymous through the use of usernames. The entire site is set up to provide a safe, secure and proper Catholic community in which to interact.

As a member of CatholicMingle, you'll be able to meet and get to know other Catholic Singles who share your faith and with whom you can express your views and thoughts about relationships, society and other topics of interest to today's single Catholic. You may even meet your own special Catholic match.

If you've thought about Catholic dating sites but haven't yet joined one, give Catholic Mingle a try. It's free to sign up, so get started today and enjoy one of the leading online communities for Catholic singles.

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