Start your journey into a long term relationship with coupons is a leading online dating service. Chemistry is a sister site of, reserved for people who are seeking purposeful, long-term relationships. In addition, unlike its competitors who pair you with people based strictly on compatibly testing, they go one additional step by factoring in chemistry. Through expert biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher's quick and easy Chemistry Personality Profile, you will be on your way to finding that special someone and beginning your journey for a long-term, purposeful relationship.

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What is the Chemistry Personality Profile? Doctor Helen Fisher, an expert biologist anthropologist and author of the best selling book "Why Him? Why Her?", has researched and developed a profiling system that matches you with singles who complement yourself. 91% of married couples state that chemistry was intricate in the beginning stages of their relationship. Fill out the quick and easy Chemistry Personality Profile and see what all the buzz is about. Over 7 million members worldwide have taken the Chemistry Personality Profile, with more than 5 million presiding in the United States.

What does your membership include? Not only does find your matches and spearhead you into purposeful relationships, they also have a vast set of resources to educate, expand, and enrich yourself for a better you in your relationship. Resources include, but are not limited to the newest and most popular relationship articles, books, blogs, and more. All are included with your coupon. They does not just stop once you have met your match. These resources are available online for your benefit. has superb privacy settings, only allows paying members to contact you directly, and your personal photo is only released to members when you have given discretion. Remain in control of your love life with and best of luck with your purposeful, long-term relationship.


Chemistry is a product from, the world's leading online dating and personals site. celebrated its 3rd anniversary in February 2009.

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