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ChristianMingle is the premier Christian online dating site, created to help Christian singles date, develop meaningful connections and even marry within their faith. If you're looking to meet other Christians, make new friends or find a life-long partner that shares your values and beliefs, Christian Mingle is the place for you. Their mission is to continue to build a safe, clean, high quality community that helps members grow in their relationship with Christ.

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When you join ChristianMingle for free, you'll complete a profile that tells a little about yourself and identifies what you are looking for in a relationship. Your profile will give others a chance to meet you and get to know you. You can also use interactive tools like smiles, cards, instant messaging and more to find interesting people and get to know them. Plus, ChristianMingle's scientifically designed Compass Matching System shows you how you match with other Christian singles on over 100 factors of compatibility.

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Enjoy free Christian dating services at ChristianMingle, including Christian chat rooms, instant messenging, message boards, a searchable online Bible, Bible verse of the day and more. You can share your interests, your walk, even your favorite Bible passages with others in a comfortable, safe environment. You're always in complete control of who you choose to interact with and how much you choose to share. Sign up today for free and see just how easy it is to meet other Christian singles in your own area and around the world on

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