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Tough, Functional and Stylish Gear from Chrome Bags

Chrome Bags Sale14 years ago in Boulder, Colorado a couple of guys needed tough, functional bags and couldn't find anything on the market that met their standards. Recycling materials such as seatbelts from junk cars and old upholstery fabric, they headed to their garage and started manufacturing their own. It wasn't long before word got out that they were making the best messenger bags available, and the Chrome Bag business was born.

Chrome Bag MessengerAfter relocating to San Francisco (where there's a huge urban cycling scene) Chrome Messenger Bags grew rapidly, and soon clothing, shoes and other gear was added to the mix. Although Chrome products are now available around the globe, they're still dedicated to the same standards that began in that garage in Boulder. They build products that work, and they stand behind everything they make.

Tough Construction, Guaranteed for Life

Every Chrome Messenger Bag and every other piece of gear they make is made using rugged, industrial-strength materials and hardware of the highest quality. They're built to last, and that's why Chrome Bags are guaranteed for life.

No-Nonsense Design

Chrome ShoesEvery component of every Chrome Bag, Chrome Clothing and Chrome Shoes design is there for a functional reason. If it doesn't have a real purpose for use in the real world, it's outta there. That's just how it is.

This results not only in excellent performance, but also a simple, honest style that looks great wherever you go. Whether you're on a bike or out for a night on the town, you'll look good in Chrome.

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