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Peace of mind: your data is safe

Drobo keeps your data safe. Automatically monitors and repairs problems that could put your data at risk.

  • Automatically controls all aspects of storage management
  • No configuration or management consoles. Drobo does all the work, handling any complex storage management
  • Is a better solution than external drives and beats RAID hands down

Drobo protects your data - automatically

drobo storage robot exeternal hard driveDrobo storage robot is intelligently handles all your data across all the installed hard drives. Should one of the drives fail, you can simply replace it with another and have the confidence that the Drobo robot has backed up your data onto the other drives in the system.

On the fly capacity upgrades

Running out of storage? No problem, all you need to do is add another hard drive. There is no configuration, no copying of the data, no erasing and initializing, everything is done for you inside the robot.

Pay as you grow

Drobo can handle four hard drives at a time. To begin with, insert a couple of smaller drives to handle your capacity. Add more drives when you need more storage, then later, upgrade the existing drives to larger capacity - hard drives are getting bigger and cheaper all the time.

The simplest RAID system available

Unlike rigid, inflexible RAID solutions, Drobo recognizes the capacities available from a group of varied disk drives. Using an intelligent mixture of industry standard practices to protect your data, Drobo can offer significantly more storage capacity than standard RAID solutions. Just how you would expect storage to work, add more drives or replace smaller drives with larger ones, and get more space.

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