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Check your phonebook for coupons that may be listed with their numbers. There may also be promotional codes that are redeemable. Not a lot of people look here, and many restaurant coupons go unnoticed. Sometimes the coupons are for first time customers only, but unless you are a regular customer it may be alright. Check before you order to see if it is valid, or you can always pass the coupon along to someone else.

Remember to check online to see if your favorite restaurant has a website. Often times restaurants will offer exclusive printable coupons, or special deals that can only be found on their website. Check back regularly in case the update their offers, or add new coupons. If it is a new restaurant, then the coupons may be reusable. Use them, then print out more! Until they expire, they are like a free permanent restaurant discount.

While you are there, do not forget to check to see if they have a newsletter. If they do, then sign up. Some deals may be available only to those subscribed, and they'll tell you when they are having price changes, menu additions, contests, or events to keep you up to date.

Check the calendar, before holidays is the most common time for restaurants to offer coupons in the newspaper and coupon magazines. And don't throw out your junk mail, there may be coupons you are missing out on free restaurant coupons.

When you are at the restaurant, check and see if there are any coupons or restaurant discounts available. There may be some that are not widely advertised, but available to those who ask.

Remember always check the restriction, rules, and expiration dates on your coupons. If you find any coupons without an expiration date or any restrictions, then you may be able to use them at any time, including when you use other restaurant coupons, but ask the restaurant for details. If any coupons stack, then remember to use them together. There is only one thing nicer than a good cheap meal at a local restaurant: a free one!