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Efren and Joseph Boglio were born in a small town in northern Italy near Torino. Their Mother was known throughout the area for her exquisite cooking, but especially for a special pizza she made on Easter. It was deep dish, double crusted, and stuffed with ricotta cheese.

Efren came to America in 1967, and was disappointed to learn that the pizza here wasn't nearly as good as that back home, so he opened his own restaurant. When his brother Joseph joined him in Chicago, they decided to open a place that specialized in their mother's pizza. They worked for months to develop the recipe and opened Giordano's (named after their mother's family) in 1974.

For more than 35 years now, they have continued to perfect their signature stuffed pizzas, tailoring their recipes to the likes of their customers and tasting others' pizza every week to keep abreast of the competition. But in every Giordano's pizza there is the essence of their mama's delicious specialties from that small town in Italy.

Giordanos now has over 55 locations in Illinois and Florida, and they continue to expand. Chosen "Best Pizza in America" by NBC, Giordano's also offers their famous stuffed Chicago style pizza online for shipment all over the country. It's been called "The Ultimate Pizza" by the New York Times, and "a must when in Chicago" by the Chicago Tribune.

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