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Whether you're looking for a serious, long-term relationship, fun and friendship or casual dating, you can find it online at Corazon.com or Amor.com, brought to you by Matchmaker.com, the longest running dating site on the Web. Simply follow one of our links to sign up for free (offer valid June of 2017). Once you've joined you can browse all the profiles and photos on the site, create your own profile, and use the 'Show Interest' feature, which sends your profile to the individual you are interested in.

Amor.com is Matchmaker's fastest growing dating web site, consisting of Latin and Hispanic singles. Amor.com has millions of users looking for serious, long-term relationships from the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and South American countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, and Argentina. Members can chat in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, and can browse thousands of photos of latin singles on the site.

Corazon.com (meaning "heart" in Spanish) is the newest and hottest Hispanic dating site on the web, specializing in Latin singles looking for fun friendships, casual dates or long-term relationships. You can browse, search, post photos and show interest in other members on the site, in either Spanish or English.

On either site you can also subscribe to a Gold Membership where you'll enjoy additional benefits and features, such as video and audio messaging, high ranked profile search results and full access to chatrooms.

Here's how to get started. Just follow one of our links for your free membership. Enter a username and password, and you'll be directed to the personal information registration form. Simply follow the instructions on the page and complete the registration application. Remember, joining the site and posting a personalized profile is absolutely free. Once your profile is created, you are free to browse the member list and show interests to whomever you like.

At both Corazon.com and Amor.com, it's free to post a profile, search and show interest in other users. You can stay as a free member for as long as you want. If you wish to make use of advanced features, such as email, instant messaging and the chat room, simply upgrade your account and become a Gold Member.

Why not try it out today? Join Latina and Latino singles online at the top Hispanic dating sites.

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