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Protect your dog from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

k9 advantix coupons

K9 Advantix is a preventative for your dogs to fight fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. K9 Advantix takes action against fleas within minutes and kills over 98% of fleas within 12 hours. Unlike some dog medications that only fight fleas or one type of parasite, K9 Advantix kills ticks and mosquitoes too. It also serves as a repellant, therefore a more complete service than many other preventatives.

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K9 Advantix Flea Control for Dogs As Low As $56.49 for 6 Applications

Veterinarians recommend K9 Advantix because it is FDA and EPA approved. In addition, it requires little commitment from both pet owners and their pets with one application of the medication per month. K9 Advantix is also waterproof so it will continue working after swimming, grooming, or bathing. 

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