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With over 15 million members worldwide, Lavalife has landed itself as a top-performing online dating sites and services for singles. Lavalife differentiates itself from other competitors in the online dating market by focusing on communities and lifestyle.

Find singles with certain criteria: age, location, religion, and interests.

Lavalife has 3 communities to fit your lifestyle and needs:

  1. Dating: Flirt, date, and meet new people
  2. Relationship: Find romance, a relationship, and more...
  3. Intimate Encounters

You will also find a wide selection of tools & services, unlike any other online dating service, such as web, voice and mobile-based products & services, online magazine for singles, and singles events.

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Lavalife also extends its services to meet the needs and desires of mature singles on, an online dating environment for active singles 45 and over!

Regardless your age, celebrate the "single life" and enjoy the experience! Fulfill your individual needs and desires. Check back often for new promos brought to you by Lavalife as they periodically arise.

About Lavalife

Lavalife is ranked the #1 website for online dating in Canada* and is ranked among the top 10 worldwide dating sites.** A leading provider of products and services designed for singles, Lavalife connects, engages and entertains through a variety of web, voice and mobile offerings. Founded in 1987, Lavalife Corp. markets its products and services across the United States, Canada and Australia. Lavalife's open-minded approach to online dating allows singles to choose how they want to "click" by offering three unique and distinctive services in personals: dating, relationships and intimate encounters. Lavalife has attracted millions of unique members who exchange 1.3 million messages every day. For more information, visit

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