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Omaha Steaks began in 1917 when J.J. Simon and his son (who had come to America from Latvia fleeing religious persecution) bought a building in downtown Omaha and moved in a single cooler and freezer. From the very beginning, they were dedicated to processing and selling tender, flavorful, grain-fed beef to restaurants and grocers in the Omaha area. The business grew, and they began their own cattle-breaking operation, raising their own beef and providing cuts for local supermarkets, national grocery chains, and discerning hotels and restaurants.

In the 1940's, the Union Pacific Railroad began serving hand-picked well-aged cuts and steaks from Omaha in the dining and private cars of their passenger trains that traveled between Omaha, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Word of the excellent quality of Omaha Steaks began to spread to more restaurants as well as the general public, and by 1952 they began their first mail order delivery, shipping their meats in dry ice-filled, wax lined, cardboard cartons by train. Throughout the years, the company's line of products has expanded to include a variety of red meats, poultry, fish, seafood, smoked meats, desserts, pastas, soups, gift baskets and more.

Now Omaha Steaks serves 1.5 million active customers. It's grown to become the nation's largest direct response marketer of steaks and other frozen gourmet foods. They operate 85 retail stores nationwide, along with sales by mail order, telephone, and online at

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Today Omaha Steaks continues the tradition of excellence that was started by the company's founders. The fourth generation of Simon brothers are still active in the business and two fifth-generation family members now play major roles in managing the company. Their commitment to product excellence, innovation, superb service, and quality employees, remains strong. And Omaha Steaks continue to be cited by people around the world as "the best they ever tasted." In addition to great taste and convenience, a dedication to food safety and plant sanitation is their number one priority. Omaha Steaks maintains testing frequency and standards that exceed the levels set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture.

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