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The Original Penguin Story

Original PenguinIt was the 1950s, and a man named Abbot Pederson was on a business trip to New York City for his employer, the Munsingwear Clothing Company. On the last day of his trip (and after a few adult beverages) he stumbled across a stuffed penguin in a taxidermist's shop window. He dubbed him "Pete" and soon the two were winging their way back home to Minneapolis together.

Pederson was also an avid golfer, and suggested that the firm create a new shirt that would be as comfortable and stylish in the clubhouse as it was on the fairways and greens. Made of loose weave cotton fabric, with gussets under the arms for freedom of movement, the pocket on the right so it wouldn't get in the way of the golf swing, and Pete the Penguin embroidered over the heart, an American classic was born. The shirt immediately made it's way in to the wardrobes of prominent golfers on tour, including the greatest of his era, Arnold Palmer. Celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin soon adopted the shirt as well. A few years later the equally comfortable and popular Original Penguin bowling shirt first appeared, and it was clear that Munsingwear had created a bonafide style legend.

Nearly 60 years later, Original Penguin is experiencing a resurgence as a new generation discovers the unsurpassed comfort and timeless style that first made Penguin by Munsingwear a hit. Now you can enjoy the same style and comfort by ordering directly from Original Penguin, and you'll save when you do with our coupons. In addition to Penguin golf shirts, a full line of casual clothing, women's clothing and accessories are now available too.

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