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Precious Moments were introduced to the public in 1975 on inspirational greeting cards and posters, and in 1978 the first Precious Moments figurines were unveiled. The creation of artist Sam Butcher, they have warmed the hearts and graced homes of millions since that time. Now you can order your favorite Precious Moments figurines, dolls, giftware and more directly from the company, and save with our Precious Moments coupons, currently valid for June of 2017.

Creator Sam Butcher originally began drawing the endearing children with the teardrop eyes that he called "Precious Moments" as gifts for family and friends. Today, his artwork is among the most recognized in the world, bringing messages of loving, caring and sharing to people around the globe.

When the first twenty-one original Precious Moments figurines were introduced to the market in 1978, the response to the collection was incredible and demand was overwhelming, yet Sam never lost touch with his original purpose to create art which combined his heartfelt emotions with his abiding faith. The collection is now grown to well over 1,500 pieces with new introductions offered every year. Members of Precious Moments collector's clubs continue to be found throughout the world. No other collection has touched as many hearts as Precious Moments, and no other group of individuals has the same love and passion for the product line as the team at Precious Moments, Incorporated in Carthage, Missouri. They remain more committed than ever to nurturing the vision of the Precious Moments legacy.

At the Precious Moments website you can shop by product, occasion or price. Browse figurines and dolls, or the other product lines including apparel, books and music, jewelry, ornaments, home decor and more. You can also sign up for the latest news and updates by email.

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