We don't have coupons for Friday's available at this time. We hope to be able to offer printable coupons in the near future. In the meantime, check out our coupons for great value when you dine out. You can learn more about other sources of T.G.I.F. coupons below.

It's Always Friday at TGI Friday's

TGIF CouponsTGI Friday's is the casual dining chain where inside, it is always Friday. Our scientists remain baffled as to how such a time-space distortion can occur so consistently within TGI Friday's locations, but one thing they do understand is how consistent savings can be enjoyed.

There are many places places TGI Friday coupons can be found, and one of those places is right on the good ol' Internet. Head to the website for TGI Fridays and join their 'Give Me More Stripes' club, and begin earning points for purchases at TGI Fridays. The points can be redeemed for free meals and other awards. Even better you'll get access to information on exclusive coupons and special limited time offers. Enrollment in the club doesn't cost anything, and you'll have TGI Friday coupons in no time. Also, watch for coupons in your local newspaper as well, coupons may be offered by local restaurants that are not redeemable nationwide and so will not be advertised nationally. Another location to find TGIF coupons is by going there! Ask the staff about ongoing promotions, coupons, and discounts. There may be savings passing you by right under your nose, so don't miss out. Of course, you should also check out the offer links elsewhere on this page for coupons from all of your favorite restaurants.

TGI Fridays has been an American icon since 1965. With over 1000 restaurants in over fifty countries, it has become an international phenomenon. Its red and white striped awning and blue paint, wooden floors, and striped tablecloths are immediately recognizable. Since its first appearance in New York, TGI Fridays has been trusted and relied on for excellent happy hours, and their famous promise that 'In Here, It's always Friday.'

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