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Timbuk2 is the premier San Francisco bicycle messenger bag maker. Timbuk2 began providing rugged and water proof messenger bags in the late 80s, and has since become an icon. With our coupon offers, you can save 20% or more. These clickable coupons currently valid for June of 2017.

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The bicycle messenger bag first appeared in New York City during the 50s. It was originally intended as a shoulder bag for telephone linemen. Bicycle messengers in the late 70s repurposed them to carry their deliveries. In response to increasing traffic in the rapidly growing cities, the bicycle messenger profession grew, and with it, the popularity of the shoulder bag originally intended for those telephone linemen of the 50s.

Timbuk2 entered the scene at the end of the 80s. There were already messenger bag manufacturers in existence by then, Timbuk2 decided to go further. The goal was to make a messenger that was rugged, stylish, and versatile enough to function as both a messenger bag as well as a replacement for the two strap day pack already common. Timbuk2 hit the scene with its distinctive rugged water-proof design, and 'built-to-order' custom messenger bag service. In 2005, they have kept to their roots and origins by launching their Pro-Series collection designed by a 9-year veteran of the San Francisco bicycle messenger scene.  Timbuk2 has become an icon since it began, and their three panel, three color classic design is immediately recognizable.

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